modern slavery & human rights

States have an obligation to protect the human rights of their citizens, business a responsibility to do no harm and individuals the right to the protection.  Slavery is a worst form of human rights abuse and can include forced labour, bonded labour or debt slavery, human trafficking, descent-based slavery, some forms of child labour, forced or early marriage, migrant domestic workers, and slavery in supply chains. Slavery is a growing development concern and a significant risk for business.

Cerno works businesses and donors to find solutions to human rights and modern slavery issues. 


With more than 40 active conflicts around the world, governments, corporations and NGOs have a shared interest in building peace.  Conflict affects individuals, communities, corporations and states.  It is normally in contexts of conflict and fragility that human rights abuses and risk of slavery are at their most pronounced.  

Cerno has a depth of experience of working in conflict and fragile settings.  We draw on this expertise to resolve issues related to human right and slavery for our business and donor clients.